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Pisces 2016 12

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PISCES – With the Sun and Saturn moving through the highest part of your chart: you’re in the public eye, asking you to stay anchored in your integrity, as the winds of change blow through your life this month. You’re reaching a milestone professionally, and personally, asking you to clarify your goals and acknowledge how they have evolved. What does success mean to you? What you would do to get it? Any doors that close, are opening the way for new opportunities that align with your highest mission. As a professional situation comes to head, it’s reflecting deeper needs and insecurities, drawing your attention to a domestic situation. What do you need to feel safe? Emotionally? Financially? How much money do you need in the bank? What was your childhood like? What were your family values? No matter what the past is like, or how much a situation pushes your boundaries — this is really the Universe’s way of showing you, your infinite depth. This is not just about your career, fame or even success. It’s about your duty to the world and new vision, in the face of a world that is crumbling. You don’t have all the answers and not everyone may share your vision. But be honest with yourself, in no denial of attachments to power, fame, success or money and you need not fear slipping up. If you’re caught in a power struggle, let go. You need not compare yourself to others and avoid any temptation or desire to manipulate a situation, the truth or compromise your values. Be humble enough to admit your mistakes, learn from those that have gone before you, and remember everyone is your equal. Then you can gain the respect and support you need. As long as you reach for your most altruistic vision, people will eventually come around. Your relationships too have a lot to offer you; but be wise about the company you keep, especially if mixing business with pleasure. Invest in the relationships that share your values and vision then you can gain not just financially, but truly awaken to your infinite potential.