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Aquarius 2016 12

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AQUARIUS — You’re on fire and you’ve got the wind in your sails as you enter December – asking you to channel this energy consciously in awareness of your power. You’re on a journey now — connecting with friends, and people, asking you to widen your horizons and explore new possibilities. Mid-month as the Full Moon aligns your friendships and or one close relationship, is revealing an important truth to you about yourself, your heart and its desires. You might feel divided and it might feel like a risk to be vulnerable to share your heart; but avoid comparing yourself to others, worrying about what others think, or fearing judgment. Even if you aren’t ready to reveal all, be very honest with yourself – we are only as sick as our secrets. Acknowledge what you need to feel loved and appreciated; your needs for freedom and honesty in your friendships; as well as secret desires, perhaps sexual, that you dare not admit even to yourself. Dig deeper and uproot subconscious ideas — about success, failure, sex, love, how you think things are — from the source so you can awaken to a more hopeful reality. Also be in no denial of attachments you need to release to relationships, habits, possessions, that are perhaps toxic or a drain on your time, energy, bank account and resources. You can negotiate arrangements and deepen relationships that truly give back to you equally, but it starts with clarifying your values. Especially when it comes to making commitments, remember everything is negotiable and there is no urgency. You need not feel pressured to make any decisions, until you are clear on significant details. You might not have all the information, but be open minded, keep the big picture in sight, and you can learn what you need to know to make wise choices. As long as you don’t compromise your values, chase “success,” or project fantasies, you won’t get sucked into empty promises. As an Aquarius you are a natural a pioneer at heart: you have the gift of foresight, allowing you to see an un-manifest reality before its time, more clearly than most. You’re nearing a breakthrough and moment of truth that’s likely to blow even your mind, as you realize how infinite your potential is. Your consciousness is blazing, intuition is on point and an idea could be your ticket to freedom. Have faith in yourself and abilities as you reach for your most altruistic vision. Where there is a will there is a way and the Gods, and powers that be, are smiling down on you, guiding you every step of the way.