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Sagittarius 2016 12

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SAGITTARIUS – You’re the star of the show this December. All eyes are on you, and you have a greater than ever chance now of bringing about the real lasting change you’ve been yearning for in a financial situation, your deepest commitments, and the greater freedom you need to be and express yourself. To say the past few years have been challenging would be an understatement. You’ve been stripped of false identities, asking you to dig deeper for you integrity, values, and what you stand for. You’ve learned your resilience, ability to resurrect, and come out on the other side stronger, with greater self-awareness. This month brings you to a moment of truth, and liberation — showing you just how much you have to give the world, your community and friends — and just how much love the Universe wants to shower you with. You are worth your weight in gold, and there are people in your life now who are reflection this truth back to you. Your social circle is widening and mid-month brings your relationships, especially one significant relationship to light. You might feel divided, or torn; but be brutally honest with yourself about how you feel in your heart rather than what you think. Consciously deconstruct your ideas about relationships, what they “should” look like, and ask yourself what you most value in your commitments — financial, personal, and intimate, sexual connections. You cherish your freedom, but you also value “commitment” — and you can strike a balance as you choose something/someone that aligns with your core values, is worthy of your commitment. What you most need is acceptance and trust; be honest with yourself, then you can be honest with others. Your relationships are evolving; you’ve reached the end of the road with some and you’re entering a new chapter now allowing you to deepen connections with others that love and value you for you — regardless of rich, poor, successful, young, old, or any other external material characteristic. And relationships never truly die, they change — give yourself the permission to be yourself wholly. No matter what the past has been like, the more you can release it, you can start to recognise your infinite potential and source of your creativity, magic and genius swirling at the depths of your being. You’re practically on fire now — creatively, sexually, personally — you’re a work of art, worth your weight in gold, and living proof that dreams do come true. Bottle that magic and shine on you crazy diamond.