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Scorpio 2016 12

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SCORPIO – As a Scorpio you’re no stranger to change — but right now, its like the world has caught up speed with you, bringing the intensity home in a palpable way; putting you in the center of the action. You have more power than you to make life-changing choices that truly free you to live the life you dream of, chasing your passion daily. Be brutally honest with yourself, about the perceptions you need to let go of — especially surrounding success, failure, and security — financial, emotional and sexual; and how you think things should be. Your deepest sexual, personal, and financial commitments are evolving — asking you to be honest with yourself, so you can make wise choices aligned with your values. No one can define your worth other than you. You already have financial and emotional security, and a family (blood or soul) that loves you. Celebrate, be grateful for, and appreciate what you have, and you will see you’re blessed. Whatever else you think you need, everything is negotiable. Ask and let go of expectations, then pay attention to who steps up. Most importantly avoid trying to manipulate or control someone, situation, or an outcome. You needn’t cling to anyone or anything, and avoid thinking you know it all. If you listen, you can learn, and you’re unearthing valuable information that could change how you see everything. There are greater unseen forces at work: a dream you have for yourself, is the Universe’s dream for you. And the Universe has dreamed it bigger and better. Even if the world seems to be going crazy and a work/living situation is unknown, you’re reaching a massive creative breakthrough showing you the infinite depth of your untapped potential and your power to create your life. This is a chance to dive into your heart to discover an essential truth about its yearnings. You can lie to the world, but you can’t lie to yourself. Be in no denial of superficial fantasies and desires that leave you thirsting, and your deeper desire to be seen and loved for who you are. You’re overflowing with creativity, love and passion — share your many gifts, with ALL you meet, without worrying about what you will get back in return. In giving, you will receive — financially, as well as in terms of expanding inner bliss. This is about who you are at your depths and essence, when you think no one is watching. You are a magician and creator, casting a spell with your very presence and being, whose healing powers ripple out further than you could imagine. Use your powers wisely.