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Libra 2016 12

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LIBRA – You’ve grown in leaps and bounds in wisdom and self-awareness these past few months. December brings huge unexpected changes in a relationship dynamic, a family/domestic situation, and/or matter that affects your sense of security. You needn’t fear the past repeating itself, if you remember your lessons and consciously stay in the present. Expect to have revealing conversations asking you to keep your perspective and an open mind as more information surfaces. Even if something triggers deep insecurities, by confronting them, you can get to the bottom of an issue and uproot it from the source — allowing you to free yourself and truly spread your wings. You might even be travelling or considering migrating to another country; but what’s unfolding is uprooting superficial ideologies, beliefs, and ideas about security, as you grow in awareness of a higher truth. What does security mean to you, and freedom — emotionally and financially? Keep the big picture and long-term goals in mind, then you can make wise choices and needn’t fear destabilizing yourself. It’s also important you clarify a vision of the kind of life you dream of living: so your outer reality — reflects an inner reality. Really what you most desire is greater freedom to be and express yourself wholly — personally, creatively, sexually — without being judged. You’re approaching a breakthrough at the end of the month, with sudden unexpected developments unfolding in your relationships, asking you to let go of expectations. You can afford to be generous, but you don’t need to suffer fools. Even if someone/something pushes your boundaries, avoid clinging and stay balanced. Pay attention to actions; be wise, kind, honest, avoid projections, and you can heal and/or clear up a situation in your life, at work, or a relationship, that has gotten messy, and drains your time and energy. You’re blossoming, blooming, becoming aware of your greater potential; you would do yourself and the world a disservice by hiding your gifts. You needn’t worry about being loved, admired, or even appreciated, just give yourself permission to live life more authentically, being true to yourself and your hearts deepest yearnings. Dare to be big and generous — of heart, mind, and spirit, and you can attract the right people to you, who can help you weave your dream life into a sublime reality.