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Virgo 2016 12

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VIRGO – The first half of the year had you questioning your place in this world. You’re coming full circle now: hopefully you see the world is your oyster. The sense of belonging you seek, will come from truly being comfortable in your own skin, so you can go out in the world and shine. No matter how challenging a domestic situation has been, the hardest part is behind you; you have a family and people who support you. But it’s important you confront and honestly put the past behind you. As a professional situation comes to light this month — you have important choices to make. Consciously let go of ideas of success, failure, or any need for recognition; and avoid trying to keep pretenses or worry about your public image. What’s most important now is that you are being true to yourself. Your goals need to align with your integrity, deepest values and the foundations you’re building your life on. You are worth a whole lot more than you think, and you can afford to be generous. Still be conscious of the relationships that drain you, and those that replenish you. Be conscious of your values, value yourself and invest your energy accordingly wisely. Dig deep, and give yourself permission to be wholly yourself and shine. Humility is a virtue, but it’s important you at least acknowledge to yourself what you know you are capable of. A challenge is yours to rise to now, and the only thing standing in your way are subconscious impulses that keep you attached. Have more faith in yourself and give yourself permission to be yourself. You’re outgrowing your father’s limits, breaking free of old patterns, attachments and power-struggles. Confront the past honestly and you can put it behind you, perhaps even re-write history as you rebirth yourself. You’re in a process of shedding skin, chipping away at the layers to reveal the diamond within. Let go of how things should be especially in love, your creativity, or even trying to control your children, heart or its desires. What’s beyond valuable and worth its weight in gold — your heart and humanity. Give yourself permission to be yourself and dare to let your inner light shine.