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Leo 2016 12

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LEO – With the Sun moving through Scorpio, you’re deeply invested in matters surrounding your home, family, sense of security and belonging this month. This is likely also asking you to confront the past, especially your relationship with your father and recognise what matters to you at the end of it all. Mid-month a professional situation comes to light, bringing you a very real opportunity to showcase your natural talents and let your inner light shine. Still it’s important that you are humble, even in the face of those who oppose and challenge your authority. Really thats what this is about — you’re reclaiming your power and authority in your life, to make choices that truly bring you a sense of belonging and security — beyond anything money can buy — allowing you the build the kind of success that is real, lasting, and is built brick by brick with commitment, dedication, that reflects your deepest values. So what does security mean to you? The present is not the past, and you have the power to (re)build your life so it supports your highest ambitions, deepest values and provides for the needs of those you care about most deeply and generations to come. There may be demands being made on your time energy, but don’t be afraid to draw boundaries where necessary and prioritise. By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to take a risk and expand your vision. You may wonder if you’re up for the challenge life is presenting you, but this is your opportunity to rise to the occasion. You needn’t hunger for the spotlight, but don’t shy away from it either. Just do what needs to be done. But remember the saying charity begins at home. In your life at least, you know what’s best. Water the roots of your life; it can only flourish, bear fruit, and give back to a world that seeks shelter from the storm.