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Gemini 2016 12

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GEMINI — Life is changing and there are a series of developments unfolding, early in the month which could be a domino effect asking you to keep your wits about you and perspective on an evolving work, life, and or health situation.

You have dreams, and you also have the power to make these dreams a reality; and live a life that reflects a deeper soul truth. It will require hard work on your part, but you can heal something on a deep level. A situation reaches a peak mid-month, asking you to take time to go inward, rest and recharge if you’re feeling stretched or if you’re spreading yourself too thin. Prioritize your life, starting with your health — emotionally, mentally and physically — and consciously let go of what is a drain on your energy. Relationships too are evolving, especially those that involve sex and/or money. Be very conscious of your values, so you can align and deepen commitments that share your values. Also be conscious of attachments to sex and or money, that could prevent you from seeing a situation clearly — for better or for worse. A mystery is revealing itself and there’s more hidden potential in a situation than on the surface. Avoid jumping to conclusions, remain open-minded and you can sift through the dirt to discover something truly golden. Hopefully you’re gaining perspective and realizing you have more options than you could have imagined. You’re being freed, and you have more support than any lack you’d feared. As the Sun enters Sagittarius at the end of the month, you can start a new chapter if you’re willing to draw a line with the past. This might mean cutting losses in some cases and lowering your guard in others. Have faith this is a process that’s ultimately this is opening the door to relationships that are truly your equals and offer you the tangible, material support, emotional support and intimacy you seek.